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Praxis Splasher -- Software for Toddlers!

Praxis Splasher gives one- to three-year-olds an opportunity to get familiar with keyboards, mice, letters, sounds, and colors without the chance to do your computer any serious harm (besides peanut butter on the keyboard, of course).

Pressing the command key

When you pay the US$12 shareware fee via the enclosed "Register" program, you'll have access to the "Preferences..." menu, which allows you change QuickTime musical instruments (128 choices!), display letters in different fonts, and more!

Downloading Praxis Splasher is easy!

There are two different version of Praxis Splasher (68k and PPC), two different ways of encoding the file for downloading (BinHex and binary), and two different methods of downloading it (html and ftp). That makes eight download links to choose from. Please read the hints for downloading if you aren't sure which link to click on.

Praxis Splasher is available for Macintosh at this time. A Windows version is being considered.

binary (396k) via HTTP via FTP
BinHex (540k) via HTTP via FTP
PowerPC (PPC)
binary (512k) via HTTP via FTP
BinHex (696k) via HTTP via FTP
Hints about downloading

All files have been compressed with the latest version of Aladdin's "StuffIt" software. If you don't have StuffIt 5.0 or 5.1, you can get it from Aladdin.

If you have any troubles or questions about downloading this software, please send e-mail to [email protected].


Praxis News Digest